Take Charge of Your Life

Stay on top of your documents, dates and deadlines with a private, secure, accessible and sharable tool


Keep your loved ones updated by sharing what they need to know about your life, when they need it


Safeguard your data from the perils of the physical world, and have access to everything, wherever you are


Everything in its place, a place for everything, and everything available to you at all times

Secure accessibility to all your data, documents and deadlines,
on all your devices, all the time, wherever you are.

DataMollusk brings everything in your life to the palm of your hand.
It’s all there, precisely when you need it, so that you can do more of what you want.


Everything in its place, and a place for everything – contracts, medical records, kids’ away-game dates, recipes, hotel points, insurance information, and everything else that makes your life work.


Your data, documents and deadlines are always at your fingertips, from anywhere – even when the wifi is down.


It’s so easy to keep it neat!
Your stuff is categorized, with alerts for due dates and renewals – peace of mind, at last!

Secure Hosting Service

Unparalleled hosting service, whether you need a website, store some photos, or run your whole platform and databases in the cloud – just say the word.

End To End Encryption

All connections are made over SSL to ensure encryption end to end.

Network Monitoring

We provide network monitoring while keeping your privacy on the highest priority.

Attacks Prevention

Stop Spoofing, DDoS attacks, most malware and viruses.

Automatic Backup

Scheduled and manual (OnDemand) backup at your discretion.

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